Just Another Gnome

(The rantings of the man who fits no boxes... me!)

Dan the gnome
21 May 1981
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Yeep. Write about myself? Uh...

I have been/am a:

diver, gymnast, soccer player, ultimate frisbee geek, pole vaulter, swimmer, volleyballer, hiker, aikidoka, backpacker... anything else people wanted to teach

geek, science enthusiast, amateur astronomer, mythology buff, fantasy/scifi reader, glbt activist, artist (pencil, acrylic, watercolor), basketweaver, chrocheter, crafter, knitter, dyeist, basketweaver, woodworker, leatherworker, web designer...

I'll try almost anything at least once, especially if there are friends there with me.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." ~Anonymous